Chris’s Blog: Our 2019 Marathon Runner

Chris has taken on the mammoth challenge of running 3 marathons in 7 weeks (London, Manchester & Liverpool Marathon) to raise money for Link Age Southwark. Here is his first update on how his training has been going:

Chris’ Marathon Training Update:

So today marks exactly 2 months until my first ever marathon, the first of 3 in 7 weeks, and I’m beginning to think all those people who have been telling me I’m mad may well be right!

Training started back at the start of December culminating with a run on Christmas Day morning. Training plans don’t respect holidays or real life. Then the really hard miles kicked in through January. Doing 16 runs totalling 88 miles, plus 3 gym classes and miles on the bike on the “rest days”!!

Then February hit with the inevitable cold snap resulting in snow, ice and generally unpleasant conditions. You’ll have to excuse how I look in my latest training photos but running in this weather isn’t conducive to looking your best.

All that whinging over, I really have to say everyone has been incredibly supportive and generous to date and that is really keeping me going. Now Spring is on the horizon it’s onwards to longer and longer runs.

If you would like to sponsor Chris in his effort to run 3 marathons in 7 weeks, you can donate via his fundraising page here.