Wine Tasting on Lordship Lane

We’re excited to announce a Wine Tasting Evening in support of Link Age Southwark on Tuesday 31st January at 7.30pm. The event is hosted by Toasted, a bistro, wine bar and wine cellar on Lordship Lane. They are proud to source many of their wines from small scale, artisan winemakers. These independent growers often choose traditional methods instead of commercial, producing organic and biodynamic wines that are refreshingly interesting.

The tasting will explore the effect of different Terroirs from the Loire to Provence, Gaillac and Beaujolais regions. Each pairing demonstrates a sharp contrast in style, explained by the way they were made. Toasted hope you enjoy discovering the process of natural wine as much as you enjoy drinking the end result!

Tickets for the event are now on sale at a cost of £25, with a small booking fee. This includes 6 wines to taste, and nibbles to clean the palette and keep us focussed! There will also be a raffle on the evening with the chance of winning some lovely prizes. The link to buy tickets is: